SEM Tips : Three Reasons to Bid On Your Brand Keywords

There have been several arguments over whether or not a company should bid on their own brand keyword. After all, why should you pay for visitors that are already searching for your brand? Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple.

The fact is that most companies currently bid on their trademarked brand keywords. The companies that don’t have probably taken a strong stance on not spending marketing dollars on brand keywords.

Whether or not you agree, we’ve compiled reasons why you should include your brand keywords in your PPC account portfolio.

#1 Fend off the Competitors

Google allows advertisers to bid on your brand name. Whether you like it or not. This means that your competitors can bid on your brand terms and steal visitors (and sales) from you. You might say that searchers that are searching for you brand are not going to click on your competitors ads. That can’t be the furthest from the truth. Unfortunately, competitors bid on your brand name because it works. It works across several verticals, everything from Airline Tickets to Pet Toys.

Even though your company has the number one position in the organic results, it is important to bid on your keyword in order for you to own the top rankings on the page and essentially own more real estate on the search results page.

#2 Control Your Advertising Message

You do not have much control over what is shown in organic results. You can update your meta description in order to tell the search engines what you prefer but you do not have the precise control you have with pay per click marketing. By bidding on your brand names, you can display a brand message that you prefer. Is there a brand message that you’d like to reinforce to consumers? Are you a low cost leader? Is your service superior to your competitors? By creating ads for your brand keywords, you have the ability to reinforce or promote anything that aligns with your company’s goals and objectives.

#3 Tracking Brand Awareness

Are you trying to establish a brand or do you have an established brand? Another useful aspect of having brand keywords in your account is the ability to track impressions. Basically, an impression is every instance that your ad was shown based on the keywords in your account. Therefore, the greater the impression count translates to the great amount of searchers actively searching for your brand.

Tracking impression count is another way great to way to monitor brand awareness and growth. This is valuable to both small and large businesses. As a small business owner, I’d like know that my brand impressions are growing as I build my brand. If in fact I’m making a name for my company, then search volume for my brand should be increasing. For big business, it’s a great way to monitor your brand and also measure the impact of other forms of offline advertising such as television or ads. Are you hitting a particular market hard? If so, I would assume that your brand searches could possibly increase within that market.

So the next time the question comes along of whether to bid on your brand name, stop and think. Remind yourself, that even though it seems like you’re giving your marketing dollars away to the search engines, that there are positive returns that your company will receive when running ads on your brand terms.


  • Eric says:

    Good read. I think another great reason to advertise on brand keywords is the ability within Google AdWords to add sublinks to your brand ads. This gives you the ability to promote any specific products within your PPC ad.

    Google AdWords also gives you the ability to add your local map listing with the ad if your search is local to to the searcher.

  • 24-09-10

    While we are in the area of SEM Tips : Three Reasons to Bid On Your Brand Keywords | Drive SEM, Obviously the higher the Page Rank the harder it are going to be to obtain a backlink. But believe of it this way. You could spends days creating 20 low quality backlinks on PR 1 sites, or you can invest these similar days producing 1 quality backlink on a PR 5 webpage. You invest the identical amount of time, but the PR 5 backlink is worth lots a great deal more then the 20 PR 1 backlinks.

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